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Welcome to the Really Green Gardener

Online gardening courses for the Duke of Edinburgh


Our courses

Our courses are designed to maximise learning in a minimal amount of time and are,

  • Levelled on ability, with no experience needed for bronze.

  • Easy to access online.

  • Aimed for gardening on balconies, patios or (communal) gardens.

  • Supported with visual and reference material.

  • Based on organic principles in harmony with our natural world.

  • Quickly and clearly assessed at the end of each course.

Sample Worksheet

B4 Salads - rocket 2.jpg
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The Duke of Edinburgh's Award


Our online gardening courses are ideal for any young person interested in learning how to grow their own vegetables, flowers and fruit for their skills requirement of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. This is a fully supported, affordable, home based course, accessible to all. It is designed to engage and inspire participants whilst caring for the environment and  teaching an invaluable life skill.

About Us

I am Esther de Groot and passionate about all things that grow. Since early childhood I have grown vegetables, flowers and fruit; learning from my parents and grandparents. As an adult, teaching Geography at Secondary Schools, gaining horticultural training at Capel Manor College and growing veggies on my own allotment led me to founding The Really Green Gardener in 2016. Since then, I have been teaching children, young people and adults how to grow organically through clubs, workshops and online courses.
My focus is now on delivering excellent online gardening courses for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards as well as bespoke courses upon request.
The courses are fully supported, affordable, home based and designed to engage and inspire participants whilst learning an invaluable skill. They are also very environmentally friendly!

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